Guilt Free Potato Chips

We all like to munch on chips whether it is potato or corn or rice or any kind. We munch when we watch movies, go on picnics and more often, when we are bored.

Writing this article brought back childhood memories from back when I was in India. Our school used to close May through June for summer holidays. For us it was just two months of play -No studies 🙂 During those summers my mother’s project was to make sun-dried potato chips, papad (lentil wafers), and wadis (dry lentil dumplings). Us kids, our jobs were in charge of drying them in the sun and shooing away all the crows and birds.

It used to be a grueling day long project. We (kids) used to peel the potatoes. My mom then sliced the potatoes, and boiled them in salted water.  Then we take all these slices to our terrace and lay them on the sheet to sun dry. We had to keep our eyes on birds too so that they do not steal them. They were kept for at least 8-10 hours for drying. If they didn’t dry we had to dry them again the next day.

When it was time to eat, she would fry them and then sprinkles red chili powder and pink Himalayan salt. Yum! and with hot tea it was so delicious. Store bought chips were nothing in front of these homemade chips. I love you Mother! Until last year she was sending these sun dried chips to me to USA. But due to her health, she stopped making them now. Once I thought of continuing these chips making tradition with my kids (quality mother-daughter time). But I do not have my mother’s patience and focus.
So I thought of making chips in microwave. It’s easy and quick and, more importantly, healthy and guilt free. But nothing beats my mom’s potato chips.



2 medium size  potatoes
1 tsp olive/ sesame oil
1/4  tsp chili powder
salt to taste( i used pink Himalayan salt)
1/4  tsp Oregano

Wash the potatoes. Slice them with mandolin. The slices should not be very thin or very thick.
Sprinkle oil, chili powder, salt and oregano on the slices. Coat them properly.
I found this tray in a supermarket. It has multiple holes which helps air to flow equally.

(You can also use parchment paper. But halfway through you have to flip the chips).
Lay the potatoes around the tray/parchment paper leaving some gaps between two slices.
Microwave for 4 mins on 80%power and then 2 mins on high power. The chips should be dry and crisp and edges curled up. If it is still not crispy, microwave for another 30 secs on High.(every oven has different temperature, time may vary).
Let the chips cool for a minute and serve.


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