Indian Espresso Coffee

Espresso means coffee brewed with the force of small amount of water passing through the ground coffee beans. It is very thick in consistency. The average serving of coffee is as of a shot glass. But Indian espresso is totally opposite. It is made of whole milk, instant coffee and sugar.

In southern region of India, every house has the brewing smell of coffee early in the morning. We Indians are very good at adapting everything. We can adjust easily or can modify things efficiently. Lets go to the past…when India was colonized by British rule. They started Tea plantations in the hilly areas of the eastern India. At that time Indians had never heard of tea– what is this damn thing? But, well, they planted it anyways.( Do not worry we are not studying history here he..he). People used to see the British madam brewing tea with water, serving their husbands in fancy tea sets. Hmmm… Maybe we should also try how does it tastes… So we came with a great idea… add little bit of milk and some spices and voila! It tastes so good, heavenly. Now, Indian chai is world famous.

Similarly we gave coffee a new uplift… Coffee was brought to India by a traveling Sufi in the 17th century from Arabia. He was said to have started the first coffee plantain in southern India. Now southern India is one of the major exporter of coffee in world. Chikmanglur coffee is one of the finest coffee in India.

I am not making coffee by the traditional method where you have to stir coffee and sugar with spoon for 10-15 mins (that requires a lot of muscle power). But now we have so many modern gadgets, bless! Don’t worry, it still tastes just as yummy!


6 oz whole milk

1 Tblsp water

1-2 tsp sugar(as per taste)

2 tsp good instant coffee



Microwave water in a cup for 40-45 secs. Add coffee and whip with the frother till it’s double the amount. It should be frothy and all foamy.


Boil the milk with sugar. Now add milk in a slow flow to the coffee mixture and with other hand keep whipping with the frother.


When the coffee is all foamy and light, it is done. Sprinkle some coffee granules on top. Serve hot.





My next post will be on Indian Tea.


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